Legal Document

Title: The Public Health (Immunization) Regulation, 1986
Type: Regulation
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Justice
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Health & Wellness
Issuing Date: 07-08-1986



(under section 14)


(Made by the Minister on the 7th day of August 1986)

1. Thee Regulations may be cited as the Public Health (Immunization) Regulation. 1986.

2. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires-

"child" means a person who is, or in the case of a person whose age is uncertain, appears to be, less than seven years of age;

"contra-indications" means any symptom which indicates that it is likely to be injurious to the health for a person to be immunized;

"immunization" means the process of developing in a person antibodies for protection against diphtheria, perturbs, poliomyelitis, tetanus, tuberculosis, measles or my other disease prescribed by the Minister, by the administering of any immunizing agent approved for the purpose by the Medical 086ccr (Health) and includes vaccination8 and inoculations;

"parent" includes the guardian or person in the charge of or having custody of a child;

"public immunization officer" means any Medical Officer or any other person authorized by the Medical Officer (Health) to perform immunizations.,

3.- (1) Immunization may be performed by a public immunization officer or by a medical practitioner.

(2) Immunization performed by a public immunization ofl3cu for the purpose of these Reflations and any examination or certificate issued in connection therewith, shall all be free of charge.

4. Every public immunization officer and every medical practitioner shall use only such immunization agent as approved by the Medical Wcer (Health).

5.-(1) It shall be the duty of every parent of any child to have the child immunized.

(2) Subject to paragraph (3), the parent of every child within the Island shall cause such child-

(a) to be immunized within one year of the child's birth or soon thereafter; and

(b) to be re-immunized at such times as may be specified by the Minister or any Medical Officer authorized by him in that behalf, in respect of any disease.

(3) Paragraph (2) shall not apply to any child in respect of whom there are contra-indications or if the child is not physically fit to be immunized, and rt certificate has been issued by a public immunization officer or a medical practitioner in the form set out as Form A in the Schedule and is in effect.

6. (1) In any case where a public immunization officer or a medical practitioner is of opinion that a child examined by him for immunization shows signs of contra-indications or is not physically fit to be immunized, he shall issue a certificate to this effect and deliver it to the parent of the child.

(2) A certificate that a child is not physically fit to be immunized shall remain in force for three months. but shall be renewable for a like period from time to time until such time as the public immunization officer or the medical practitioner considers that the child is physically fit $ be immunized.

7. A certificate of imn1unYzation, together with the particular set out m Form B in the Schedule, shall be issued by the public immunization officer or the medical practitioner who performed the immunizations to any child who is fully immunized.

8. Any public immunization officer or medical practitioner who immunizes any child for the purpose of these Regulations shall keep a record of the immunization which shall include the date the child was seen, the immunizing agent used and any other relevant information.

9.-(1) Subject to paragraph (2). the person authorized to admit pupils to any school shall not admit any child, or if already admitted, shall not permit any child to continue attending any such school, unless such child or his parent produces, after having been requested to do so, a certificate of immunization issued by a public immunization officer or a medical practitioner for the child.

(2) If a child or his parent produces a certificate of contraindications or a certificate that the child is not physically fit to be immunized, signed by a public immunization oa[icer or medical practitioner, a certificate of immunization is not required for the purpose of paragraph (1):

Provided that where there is an expiry date on the certificate, the child shall be requested to produce a fresh certificate on its expiration. and on failure to produce a certificate, the child shall not be admitted to the school until a certificate is produced.

10. Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with my of the provisions of these Regulations shall be guilty of an offence, and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof in a Resident Magistrate's Court to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or in default of payment thereof, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding thirty days.


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