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Procedure NameExport Certificate for Non-Fisheries Processed Goods - VSD


 Export Certificate

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (Veterinary Services Division) 


193 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6


 (876) 977-2492876-977-2489  

Legal base of the Procedure

 The Trade Act

Required Information


Type of information



Applicant must first be registered with JAMPRO

Process Steps

Step 1

Exporter lodges application for export health certificate

Step 2

VSD verifies that application is from a registered facility

Step 3

If the application is deemed to be from a registered facility, move to step 4.

If the application is deemed to not be from a registered facility, the application is rejected and the Exporter notified.

Step 4

 VSD checks that application and supporting documentation is correct

Step 5

If the documentation is deemed to be correct, move on to step 6.

If the documentation is not correct, the exporter is requested to provide additional/correct documentation, after which, step 4 is repeated.

Step 6 

If laboratory testing IS REQUIRED, the application is passed to VSD laboratory for verification of batch conformity.

Step 7 If Batch testing is passed OR if laboratory testing was NOT required, then the results are reviewed by a supervising vetinary officer.  
Step 8

If the consignment DOES NOT meet the certificate requirements, the application is rejected and the exporter advised.

If the consignment meets the certificate requirements, the export health certificate is prepared

Step 9

 Pay advice is prepared and given to exporter

Step 10  Exporter makes payment to cashier.
Step 11

Export health certificate is provided to exporter 



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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Certificate for the Exportation Non Fisheries Processed Goods (VSD)GeneralMinistry of Agriculture and ForestryAn Export Licence is required to export any goods out of Jamaica. An Export Licence should be sought prior to the exportation of any Non-Fisheries Processed GoodsApply to the VSD of MICAF in order to attain the appropriate export permit.Trade Act09-09-9999Good