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Procedure NamePhytosanitary Certification of Export - PQD



Responsible Agency       

Plant Quarantine Division

Address: 193 Old Hope Road 

Kingston 6

Phone: 876-977-0637, 977-6401

Legal base of the Procedure

The Plant Quarantine Act

Required Information


Type of information



Tax Registration Number (TRN)  Application Form, Total Weight of Goods,  Production Information, Consignor Information 

Process Steps

Step 1

Submit commercial invoice and payment  for inspection of export consignment

Step 2

Invoice and payment of Inspection and Certificate fee accepted

Step 3

Payments made to accounts and receipt issued 

Step 4

Payment receipt received 

Step 5 Documents reviewed by the inspector
Step 6 Inspection of consignment 
Step 7

If the status of the consignment  is approved then:

i) Invoice signed and stamped 

ii) A phytosanitary certificate may be required

If the status of the consignment is on hold then:

i) Recondition or treatment required 

ii) The exporter has consignment treated under PQD supervision

iii) The exporter has consignment reconditioned

iv ) Inspection of consignment 

If the status  of the consignment is rejected then:

i)  Cosignment not permitted to be exported 

ii) Rejection notification form prepared and provided to the exporter

iii) Rejection notification form received 

Step 8

If a Phytosanitary Certificate is required then :

i) Phytosanitary Certificate is prepared and provided to the exporter with stamped invoice

ii) Phytosanitary Certificate and Stamped Invoice received 

If a Phytosanitary Certificate is not required then:

i) Signed and Stamped Invoice is returned 

ii) Stamped Invoice received 



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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Certification for Exports- Phytosanitary (Plant Quarantine Division)Inspection RequirementPlant Quarantine DivisionA measure as it relates to the certification (phytosanitary) of exports done by Plant Quarantine DivisionAn issued phytosanitary certificate is only to be used for the purpose of exportsThe Agricultural Produce Act (1926)09-09-9999Good