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Procedure NameCoffee Works License- JACRA


Works License

Responsible Agency       

Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA)  

Address:  1 Willie Henry Drive, P.O. Box 508
Kingston 13, Jamaica W.I.

Phone: (876)–758–1259


Legal base of the Procedure

The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) Act


 Processing fee - JMD 10,000 

Works Licence fee - JMD 20,000

Required Information


Type of information



Application form, Tax Registration Number (TRN),  Copies of your business’ incorporation documents  References from 2 business associates

Documents necessary for application
2 A Banker’ Reference,  A valid NEPA Licence/ Permit, A detailed description of the proposed process
3 Farm/production capacity of at least 6,000 boxes of cherry coffee per crop year (evidenced by records/reports of last 3 years prior to application)
4 A valid licence under the Factories Act

Process Steps

Step 1

Applicants complete application form with accompanying documents and fee

Step 2

 JACRA receives the application form and accompanying documents  and Processing  Fee JMD$ 10,000

Step 3

 A receipt is issued  by the cashier

Step 4

The receipt is received by the applicant 

Step 5

Applicant resubmits application and attachments to meet requirements

Step 6  The application is reviewed and forwarded to Quality Assurance Department inspects premise and equipment prepares the report
Step 7 If premises meets requirements then the application is sent  Internal Review Committee checks all elements of the application and send it to NEPA for approval. However, if it is not successful applicant is notified and refunded JMD 5,000
Step 8

If the application is approved by the Internal Review Committee then it goes to Board Licensing subcommittee consider the application. However, if the application is not approved the applicant  will be refunded JMD 5,000

Step 9 If the application is recommended for approval then the Board will approve the application. However, if the application has been rejected then the applicant will be notified and refunded JMD$5000
Step 10 The  license will be approved
Step 11 JACRA will notify the successful applicant 
Step 12 The applicant will pay a fee of JMD 20,000
Step 13  Payment is received 
Step 14 The Work License  along with the Terms and Conditions and reporting requirements are  issued to the applicant 
Step 15   Works License along with the Terms and Conditions and reporting requirements are received



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Coffee Works License Application Form24-10-201802-05-2019Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA)This is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Coffee Works LicenceLicensing RequirementJamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA)An Coffee Works Licence must be obtained from Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority(JACRA), MICAF. This is required under law - Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) Act.This measure assists in the regulations of licensing and inspection of coffee The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) Act 09-09-9999Good