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NameRequirement for Import Permit for Live Aquatic Flora
DescriptionAn import permit for Live Aquatic Flora is obtained from the National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA), MICAF prior to the importation of Live Aquatic Flora. All Live Aquatic Flora of animal origin imported require a the Fishery Act.
Comments A measure that relates to the import of Live Aquatic Flora in Jamaica
Validity From01-01-2018
Validity To09-09-9999
Technical Code
AgencyNational Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)
Created Date2019-03-21 10:30:12
Updated Date2019-05-13 23:29:23
Measure TypeGeneral
Legal/RegulationThe Fisheries Act
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Procedure NameDescriptionCategoryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Import Permit for Live Aquatic Flora -VSDA detailed guide for the steps taken to acquire a Import Permit for Live Aquatic FloraImportView


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unrooted cuttings and slips for commercial purposes
Unrooted cuttings and slips, nesoi
Trees, shrubs etc for commercial purposes
Trees, shrubs etc. nesoi; not for commercial purposes
Rhododendroms and azaleas grafted or not; for commercial purposes
Rhododendrons and azaleas, grafted or not , for other purposes
Roses, grafted or not, for commercial purposes
Roses grafted or not, for other purposes
Banana plants:
Banana plants for commercial purposes
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