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NameLicensing Requirement for Export (Trade Board Limited )
DescriptionThe exportation of any commodity not regulated by Acts listed below requires an export licence from TBL in order for that commodity to be exported. (a) the Sugar Industry Control Act; (b) the Agricultural Produce Act; (c) the Agricultural Marketing Act; (d) the JACRA Act; (e) the Banana Board Act.
CommentsAn export licence is required to export a wide range of commodities with the exception of those particularly regulated by other Acts.
Validity From01-05-1955
Validity To09-09-9999
Technical Code
AgencyThe Trade Board Ltd.
Created Date2018-11-15 09:28:23
Updated Date2019-07-23 12:30:38
Measure TypeLicensing Requirement
Legal/RegulationTrade Act
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HS CodeDescription
Beet sugar
For retail sale in packages of not more than 10kg
For retail sale in packages of not more than 10kg
Containing added flavouring or colouring matter
Icing sugar
Refined Sugar
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