Effective October 01, 2023, exporter registration with JAMPRO will no longer be a requirement for entities involved in exporting. This development which has been endorsed by @industryministryja, is part of a process to streamline and simplify Jamaica’s exporting procedures and was formalised via the revocation of the Delegation of Authority by the @portauthorityja for JAMPRO to carry out exporter registration functions.

As of October 1st, exporters processing their export shipments will go directly to the Jamaica Single Window for Trade (JSWIFT) platform operated by the @jamaicacustomsagency, to access relevant permits/licenses/certifications from those BRAs who have been onboarded and proceed to upload their export shipment documents via the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) when ready to ship.

Alternatively, exporters who do not require any permits/licenses/certifications would move directly to the ASYCUDA platform to upload their shipment declaration when they are ready to ship.

The removal of exporter registration requirements will contribute towards the reduction of bureaucracy, duplication and the cost of services to exporters, resulting in a more efficient export process. JAMPRO will continue to maintain a register of exporters from information received from the Jamaica Customs via their ASYCUDA system.

Visit https://www.jswift.gov.jm or email support@jswift.gov.jm for more details. #JAMPRO

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