1. Short title.

 2. Interpretation.

Establishment of Zone 

3. Establishment of Zone. 

4. Rights in and jurisdiction over Zone. 

5. Rights and duties of other States in Zone.

 Exploration for and Exploitation of Living and Non-Living Resource of the Zone

6. Exploration for and exploitation of living resources of the Zone.

7. Exploration for and exploitation of non-living resources of the Zone.

8. Grant of licence for exploration for or exploitation of living or non-living resources of the Zone.

9. Application of enactments to Zone.

10. Extension of jurisdiction of the Courts and my other authority

11. Minister may make order regarding issue or revocation of the licence.

12. Person prejudiced by order of forfeiture may apply to Court far to Zone. revocation. Powers and Duties of Marine Officers

13. Powers of Marine Officer.

14. Procedure consequent on detention or seizure in the Zone. IS. Diplomatic or consular officer to be informed regarding seizure 16. Provision regarding proceeds of sale and compensation

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