02 Chapter 2 - Meat and edible meat offal

Sub Chapter
0201 Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled.

Sub Heading
020120 Other cuts with bone in:

0201209000 Other



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
ID-01Import DutyImport40.00%kg17-10-201831-12-9999
GCT 06General Consumption TaxImport16.50%kg17-10-201831-12-9999
ASD05Additional Stamp DutyImport32.8571%kg17-10-201831-12-9999
EXC023Excise DutyImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
SCTA08Special Consumption TaxImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
SCTS18Special Consumption TaxImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
SCTF028Special Consumption TaxImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
SCF90Standard Compliance FeeImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
ENVL20Environmental LevyImport0.50%kg17-10-201831-12-9999
AGGREG-LIMAggregate LimitImport-kg17-10-201831-12-9999
END-USEEnd UseImport42kg17-10-201831-12-9999
ALT-END-USAlt. End UseImport52kg17-10-201831-12-9999



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Certificate for the Exportation Non Fisheries Processed Goods (VSD) General Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry An Export Licence is required to export any goods out of Jamaica. An Export Licence should be sought prior to the exportation of any Non-Fisheries Processed Goods Apply to the VSD of MICAF in order to attain the appropriate export permit. Trade Act 09-09-9999


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Export Certificate for Non-Fisheries Processed Goods - VSD This procedure details the required process of acquiring an Export Certificate for Non-Fisheries Processed Goods. Export View